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2– Thanksgiving

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This Sunday is the 9th Sunday of Luke.  On this Sunday we remember the parable of the ‘rich fool’. In this parable we hear Jesus proclaim that whoever “lays up treasures for himself is not rich towards God”.  This statement calls us to humility, our riches are to be used so that God’s Will be done, not our own.  These next two Sundays stress this idea of Christian stewardship, but first we must be able to humble ourselves and ensure God is our Master and Lord and not our egos.  

This Thursday is our national holiday of Thanksgiving.  While we will certainly take a moment to share a meal with one another, we must also take time to offer Thanksgiving to God.  I am truly thankful this year as I reflect on the many blessings of God I have shared with you all over these last 6 years.  My He continue to shower His grace on our community for many years to come.


Calendar for the week (and links to meetings and service files): 

Watch services live even without an account at: facebook.com/assumptioneastmoline/live

Sunday, November 22nd - 9th Sunday of Luke: 8:30am Orthros followed by Divine Liturgy (~9:30) and Church School via Zoom at 11:30am 

Wednesday, November 25th - St. Kathrine (No services)

Thursday, November 26th - Thanksgiving Day! 

Sunday, November 29th : 8:30am Orthros followed by Divine Liturgy (~9:30) 


May God bless and keep us,

Fr. Thomas


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